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Frequently Asked Questions

Hopefully, you will find the answers to your questions on this page. If not, then give us a call at (615) 669-2210 or email at info@brandlawoffice.com.

Can you get my case dismissed?

Like life, there are no guarantees in the law.  At the Brand Law Office you can be assured you will receive diligent, competent, and zealous representation.  Communication and trust are at the center of the relationship, and we will do everything we can to get you the best result possible.

Do you offer free consultations?

Sometimes.  For certain cases we offer a free consultation.  For other types of cases we charge a modest consultation fee, in part because the consultation involves a detailed review and evaluation of your case.  Contact our office to discuss your needs and set up a consultation.  615-669-2210 or info@brandlawoffice.com .

How much will attorney fees cost?

Attorneys fees are priced based on the type of the case, the skill and experience of the attorney, the complexity of the case, and the time required to provide competent, diligent, and effective representation. Every case is different, and fees are generally quoted on a case-by-case basis.

There are many kinds of fee arrangements. Often an attorney will keep track of the time spent on a client’s matter and will bill based on an agreed hourly rate.  The attorney may request a retainer, or a deposit of money at the beginning of the representation to cover a certain number of hours of work.  If representation is complete before the attorney has “earned” the retainer through hours billed, some of the retainer may be refunded to the client.

An attorney may also quote a set price – or “flat fee” – for the entire representation.  The attorney’s time generally will not be tracked or billed hourly.  If it is disclosed and agreed at the beginning of the representation, certain fees may be non-refundable.

In some cases an attorney will accept a case on a “contingency” basis.  In these cases, most common in personal injury cases, the attorney’s fee will be a percentage (such at one-third) of any money recovered by the client in the lawsuit.  If the client loses and gets nothing, the attorney gets nothing. If the client gets money at the end of a case, the client pays the attorney from those funds – the amount is unknown until the end of the case.

Can I get the other side to pay my attorney’s fees?

Attorney’s fees are a matter of agreement between you and your attorney.  They usually must be paid up front.  Traditionally each side in a lawsuit is expected to pay their own fees in a case.

A court may order an opposing party pay the other sides attorney’s fees.  This often requires a statute or a contract that provides the party who wins a lawsuit can be awarded their attorney’s fees.  One such example is in modification of child custody or child support cases.  Civil rights and employment statutes also provide for attorney’s fees.  Many private contracts create a right to recoup attorney’s fees in the event of a dispute.  Contact our office to see if you may be able to recover your attorney’s fees at the end of the case.  615-669-2210 or info@brandlawoffice.com

 How long will my case last?

 The length of your case depends on many factors, including how complicated the facts are, what court it is in, whether you go to trial, and how many parties are involved.  Misdemeanor criminal cases and civil cases where the dispute is less than $25,000 are handled in general sessions court in Tennessee. Those cases can often be resolved in a few months.  Felony criminal cases, complicated civil disputes, family law cases, and cases in federal court may take longer.

If you have a legal issue that is not on court – like preparing a will or setting up a business – those matters can be handled quickly depending on the complexity of the circumstances.

Can my criminal charge be expunged?

In Tennessee any dismissed criminal case can be expunged.  Certain convictions that are over five years old may also be eligible for expungement.  Contact our office to discuss your expungement.  615-669-2210 or info@brandlawoffice.com 

 Can you represent me and another party?

An attorney usually cannot represent more than one party in a lawsuit, or co-defendants in a criminal case.  Two parties in a case may face different evidence, have different interests, and need different advice.  These differences create a “conflict of interest” for the attorney. Except under very limited an very unusual circumstances, it is better for every party to have their own attorney.

 Do you take credit card?

The Brand Law Office accepts credit card through LawPay, a secure online processing portal. Our office also accepts cash and check.