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Business Law 

Businesses have legal needs as unique as the services they provide.  Contracts with vendors, employee relationships, and even basic organization requires careful consideration.  Sometimes disputes arise and businesses must go to court like any other person.  It is important to have a relationship with an attorney who understands your business and its legal needs.


This is especially true if there is a dispute.  Conflicts between business partners or shareholders can be complex and expensive.  Owners, managers, or employees involved in a legal situation may need independent or outside counsel – especially in the case of a government investigation.  It is important to know when you (or your employees) must seek separate advise from the business, and when the entity may be treated separately. 

Business Formation

Crafting documents for a business requires an understanding of short and long-term goals.  Growth, stability, and potential disputes are important considerations when setting up a business and developing the set of documents to use with your employees, vendors, and partners.  Bringing an attorney on as part of your business team early on will help navigate pitfalls and let you do what you do best: running your business!


Shareholder Suits, Derivative Actions, and Other Corporate Disputes

Lawsuits between the members of a company, the owners of a company, and the managers of a company generally seek to ensure the business is being run properly.  This may entail extremely detailed review of business actions and accounting history, often with the aid of experts.  If there has been improper action, liability can arise.  Pursuing these cases requires the skill of experienced and detail-oriented counsel to guide all the parties.


Corporate Espionage and Trade Secrets 

Whether the government is investigating white-collar crime, or a company suspects violation of its trade secret or other intellectual property rights, allegations of impropriety by an employee are extremely serious.  Early investigation and counsel is essential to staying ahead of the process.


Investigations and Independent/Outside Counsel

Sometimes a business needs an outsiders perspective to review a sensitive situation.  Outside counsel can thoroughly and independently evaluate an emerging situation, providing valuable feedback to the business.  

 If the business or one of its employees is being investigated by a government entity, it may also be advisable to hire outside/independent counsel that has not previously been involved with the business.  Contact the Brand Law Office to discuss the needs of your business or employees.